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Reply to "African human sacrifices in London......"

Originally posted by EbonyRose:
Christians have done what they've done too. Period.

In other words, I do not say that it is okay that Christians used their religion to accomodate their belief that our ancestors were animals and therefore it was all right to whip them until they died ... because, look at what the Greeks did!! It was worse!! Eek

Do you?

I hope this is not what you meant by the statement, "Christians killed to show domination out of sheer hatred."

If that is the basis of your accusation against Christianity it is preposterous and a downright lie and you know it.

Slavery was done by many people from Arabs, Africans and whites. In fact at certain points in world history everyone was involved with slavery. When did it become the exclusive cornerstone of Christian living or way of life? Apart from that nowhere has it been recorded that the motivation behind slavery was domination or hatred for any particular people. Let alone Christians being the main perpetrators. Unless you are trying to excuse everybody else and blame only the white people who took part in it. By doing that you are the one making white people superior because your position seems to say everyone else's sin was ill conceived or misguided but not whites, they should have known better. Do you understand that? To illustrate, it's like a child and an adult fighting over something. No matter who is right or wrong society always blames the adult because because he/she has more knowledge, experience and therefore should know better not to get into an argument with the child. That is what I understand from your statements. Your position is what elevates the whites to a superior position over the other perpetrators of the crime. Even if we go with that crazy conclusion it still does not explain how Christians come to be exclusively accused for the sins of white men. Your accusation is baseless and has nothing to do with Christians going out with hatred in their heart to dominate and kill or injure anybody.

I take it from this that you have no proof of the accusation against Christianity and that the accusation is at the very least a baseless and groundless allegation and a downright and desperate attempt to smear Christianity.