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Reply to "African human sacrifices in London......"

Originally posted by EbonyRose:
Well, I'm certainly no expert here, but it seems to me that a killing done through a religious ritual may be misguided, outdated and ill-informed ... but, the Christians historically committing murder for the purpose of domination and control and simply out of a sense of superiority over other human beings seems downright evil to me. Eek

I do not know whether you know anything about world history, if you did you would find most of the wars in the world were fought under those conditions you have outlined and the Bible or Christianity played no part in it. It is more to do with human nature. For example check out the wars of conquest by the Persians, the Greeks under Alexander, the Roman domination of the world and more recently the Germans and the Japanese.

I think you are missing an important point here so let me repeat it; killing innocent people is an essential part of African traditional religion. The key word is "essential.". This way different from some so called Christian who is doing something that can not be found anywhere in the Bible. Can you understand the difference?

I remember as a young boy growing up, my parent's told me the slaves that made it to the slave boats were the lucky ones. To help you comprehend here is a quote from what I have posted previously;

"In the community, only strangers are killed in the event of the death of the Eze. Before the advent of the whiteman, there existed a slave market which provided the bulk of humans for such sacrifices. After the destruction of the market by the British soldiers following the abolition of slave trade, village warriors were given the task of providing human heads from distant towns and villages."

This is common practice among many African Chiefs not just the Owerre Ebeiri community in Nigeria because it is known the Ashanti and the Benin Empire did such things to their victims.

I don't know about you but I would rather be on a slave boat than have my enemies slaughter me like a piece of chicken and use my body parts as trophies.