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Reply to "African human sacrifices in London......"

Originally posted by henry38:
So Fagunwa you know any African country where this nonsense is a national reliigion or belief? Here is a challenge show me any African country that promotes this nonsense and I would say you have a point but I am confident I can go on the web to every African country and their national religion would be cited as Christian or Muslim. That being the case you and others are the one spreading a lie by promoting traditional African religion as if it is the mainstay of daily African life or worship.

I am so glad you mentioned Nigeria because in West Africa it is common knowledge that certain parts of Nigeria are notorious for the evil practice that is being discussed here. Yes we don't hear of no African country but Nigeria. I don't know how much time you spent in Nigeria or you wouldn't dare to try and defend what is indefensible knowing such nastiness goes on in that country. You try it and I can assure you end up with egg on your face by the time we finish the discussion.

I was born in Ile Ife,Nigeria and I am there at least seven times a year. As is the usual case on this board, you didn't read what I posted. Why don't you try that and then maybe you wont need the propaganda. Oh and Benin has traditional religion as it's State religion,but you should know that as you are the voice for African news as long as it fits your views.

Second, this nonsense is not my religion, nor did I advocate the murder of children or anyone else. Once again read what I posted and comment on that if you wish. If you are african you know by the names of the folks in the garbage you posted what they are and you know by my name what I am. You are a xtian and like your masters you mix murder with my religion (Ifa) as a way of keeping people away from the sacred technology. We all know no xtians commit murder in the name of religion. No murders were ever committed in Togo by your masters in the name of religion, none in Benin and surely none in the Congo. No, your masters brought civilization to Africa. Thank you very much for it. I can see how much progress we have made with the civilization.

I do not have to ask if you are African, you sound like many of my people in Nigeria. Going to the pentacostal church's and mosque by day praising jesu and mohammed then coming to my grandfathers compound by night for the real thing. Touting all things british while the brit's rob the country blind with their negro lackeys firmly in charge.

Thank you for the education henry38, my heart is now glad. I will now begin to repent and praise jesu for all of his many gifts to our ancestors.