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Reply to "African-American Flag"


Thanks for that link.

I noticed one of the flag designs had been patented. There may have been more.

When I designed my offering of a flag for African America, I considered making it proprietary by either patent for manufacturing or copyright for design. The initial issue of the flag carried a claim of copyright.

It became clear to me that if the flag is to be the flag for African America it has to belong to the people of African America. Then there is the issue of recognition. Well, no one is going to remember me anyway. And besides, my kids know who designed and made the flag in their homes. Anything beyond that is just "extras."

The issue is possession.

The flag of a nation belongs to the nation.

P.S. After looking at all the flags I found on the link, I like mine better. I truly, truly think it is the statement of our heritage from 1509 when the Spanish left the first 100 of us in South Carolina.


Jim Chester

You are who you say you are. Your children are who you say you are.