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Reply to "African-American Flag"

Originally posted by Yssys:
I'm not feeling the flag either. The traditional colors of black nationalism (red, black and green) are totally minimized in the flag. I have to applaud their effort, but there are several African and Diasporic flags out there already to choose from. Although, my favorite, besides Jim's Smile, is the confederate flag done in the red, black and green. That was an artists depiction of the flag that was shown at the Met Museum of Art here in NYC. It was really interesting.


I am truly complimented that my flag is on your list of favorites. Naturally, I hope it makes No. 1.

The rendition of the Confederate flag you mentioned evoked two thoughts.

1. Artist free expression.

2. Why compliment such an insulting symbol
with the colors of ancestors? I do see
the "in your face" statement of the piece.

While the artist certainly has the right to do this, as artistic ecpression, I can feel volumes welling to say, "Don't do it!!

I suppose I'm very possessive about something so close to me and who I am.

I'm trying to grow to be better/bigger.


Jim Chester

You are who you say you are. Your children are who you say you are.

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