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Reply to "African-American Flag"

Flags of ancestral nationality are important. Flags of any declaration national or otherwise are important. If you don't understand the significance of a flag, you don't understand the significance of what, or who, the flag represents.

Every person's selection of a flag to represent themselves is clearly important. Typically, people, of commonality, see the same flag as being representative of them as a group. That hasn't happened for African Americans, yet. It will.

Most African Americans look on the "Red, Black, and Green" of the flag coming out of Marcus Garvey's "Back-to-Africa" movement as belonging to/representing them. I did. But, strangely, I never, ever, saw the flag in any display by organizations, including churches, or by people on their homes, or even in community orgainzation. But then I live in a very small African American population.

But that has not always been true. The same phenomenon was observed then as well. Something prevents us from publicly claiming a group identity, except that of color, of course. If color is your color is your identity, there is little urgency for a flag. You are your flag. You are your banner.

There seems to be a "peevishness" about other minorities having a flag. A certain disdain. A "so what" attitude. I suppose there are a lot of characterizations that fit.

I think African America deserves a flag. But first one has to realise and accept the fact that African America is real. A lot of people who say, "I am an African American." don't accept/recognize that African America is real.

When that happens, we will demand a flag.

I already picked one.

Please note above left.


Jim Chester

You are who you say you are. Your children are who you say you are.