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Reply to "African-American Flag"

Sorry, not feeling that flag. Jim Chesters avatar is actually more representative of an "African American" flag, IMO.

I'm not one to buy little 'things' when I go to fairs, parades, etc... but one day at the African American day parade, I saw what I felt was a excellent representation of an African American flag, it had the traditional (red, black, and green thick panels,) but in the center of the flag was the outline of Africa. I bought it and still have it today.

Allow me to describe the absolute nicest representation of an African American flag that I have seen: a traditional American flag, superimpose the outline of Africa such that the top left quadrant of Africa has the stars, and the rest has the stripes, then take that shape of africa with a portion of the American flag over it the apply a gold perimiter, finally place that in the center of the traditional red, black, and green stripped flag, vola.

Here is why:

1) First we are Black people, we our Blackness is represented by the traditional red, black and green, that is the majority of the flag.

2) In the heart of our Blackness is the Motherland (notice that it is bacially in the heart of earth, and that the human heart is shaped like it as well).

3) The thin vain of gold around the perimiter signifies our rich culture and our abundance of resources (if only we would use them).


4) That portion of the US flag, represents only a fraction of our representation in America, but yet we proudly display it across our heart.


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