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Reply to "African-American Flag"

Originally posted by isistah:

Have you seen this flag?

I have not seen the flag.

I heard about it the first time last week when when an irate white guy complained about it hanging in an African-American exhibit in the main library here in Baltimore.

[b]I'll bet he was irate. But I'll bet he didn't offer a reason for being irate. Each time I have encountered such a person the answer has ranged from "just because" to "You got your's. I got mine." alluding to the Confederate Flag.[/B}

What do you think about it? Is it needed?

[B]I think African America definitley needs a banner to call its own. That's why I designed one in 1996. You see it on every post I make on the board.

It is not only needed, it is critical that there be such a flag. If African American is an ethnicity, if African America is an ancestral nationality, there has to a banner for that identity. It is true for African American just as it is true for every other ethnicity, and ancestral nationality in the world.

The discussion of the flag is available on the website of The Institute for African American National Heritage at:]


Jim Chester

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