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Reply to "Affirmative Action For Whites, Part CLVII"

It is difficult for me to believe that something like the FBI would be stupid enough to be so overtly "Pro-white."

I think that the mistake was for other reasons. Possibly family ties to the FBI, which is how Bush got to where he is. He might have had a few big successes that allowed him to reach the minimum requirement for a promotion, despite his usual inadequacy. We don't know the full story, and until then, I refuse to wholly accept that this was all because of racism.

I know racism exists in the workplace, but when it comes to workplaces like the FBI, CIA, and even some of the better City Police Departments, that kind of thing goes in the can due to the nature of the job, there simply is no room for it. You'd have to work in an environment like that of law enforcement to really understand, most of the issues that we deal with everyday are subconsciously deemed trivial and things like racial prejudice is at least thrown to the side momentarily. I know this and I am not even a sworn officer yet, but from what little experience I have in the field, I know that that kind of crap just doesn't fly.

I can imagine that the same would go for the military in combat situations.

We are all blind in some way including you, I am no exception.

Like I said above, certain law enforcement careers just don't aplly to white AA, though I understand that it would exist in many other if not most other careers. I am more knowledgeable then you in certain areas, but I would not call you an ignoramus just because you don't know much about the subject, its impolite and uncalled for and nothing about my reply was "snarky". If you don't feel like educating me oh wise one then don't reply!