Reply to "Adam and Eve in the Land of the Dinosaurs"

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Eugenie C. Scott, director of the National Center for Science Education, calls the sparkling facility "the creationist Disneyland."

...I couldn't've said it better.

Yes, and the Magic Ooze and Ape-men monkeys are quite logical too. There is no evidence of the so call "missing links" Unless human beings are related to a fifty year old Frenchman with artirtish and a 3ft monkey. However, there is some evidences that suggest that there were people around the time when dinosaurs were...

I think about the usual things an Atheist would say such as, "Why believe in Unicorns and Dragons?"

With Unicorns could have been your Lynx and the Dragons more likely were Dinosaurs who survived the "Ice age". However, the ice age did not cover the entire planet, so there had to be dinosaurs who had survived. Medievil Europe and Asian spoke about Dragons, and these two cultures supposedly never have encountered one another with any means of outside communication, is too much of a concidences. Then again, the Pythageorm theorm was discovered at the same time in Africa and Asian. I don't know, might want to rethink that...

Some will even say the great flood caused the "Ice Age". I am referring to Noah's ark. Many also know that the Epic of Gilgamesh is quite similiar to that story too. Some say it was culturally inspired, while Noah and Gilgamesh actually experienced the same flood just from there own prespective was the story told, one being Jewish and the other a Sumerian (Pagan). Hmmm...

You'll hear arguements such as if that flood was Global or local. Keep in mind how young the world was and the number of people that inhabited that region. If all life lived in a certain area and other parts of the world was undiscovered, in a sense it is true, that flood was "global". Just a thought.

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