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Reply to "Aborigines target sudanese refugees"

Originally posted by Butterfly:
Sudanese refugees in Australia having to deal with racism from Aborigines.


African residents living in the Perth suburb of Balga say they're being targeted by Aboriginal gangs in ongoing racial clashes.

The violence erupted again last night when a Sudanese refugee was badly bashed.

Locals say local Aboriginal gangs are behind the recent spate of attacks.

Balga residents say they can't understand why the Sudanese men, who are trying to piece their lives together after fleeing their war torn country, are being targeted.

Members of the Sudanese community say they just want to live in peaceful co-existence with other residents.

Some witnesses have told police the fighting erupted after a car was driven erratically through the city's streets, narrowly missing pedestrians.


thanks for this... I haven't been reading newspapers the past week so it's news to me.

One thing though, Toowoomba is in Queensland and Balga is in Western Australia. If you look at a map of Australia you'll see we are a h-u-g-e continent and these places are very far apart. And very different.

On a positive note, most people feel this way:
"Ms Maasakker said the Sudanese had added another dimension to Toowoomba, and made the town more cosmopolitan."

and also this way...

"Mr Farrell said the Sudanese were hard-working and reliable.

"There was only one fellow, who was a chief in his own country, who didn't want to sweep the floor.

"I told him, I'm the general manager and I pick up the broom and sweep the floor - we're all equal here in Australia."

Also keep in mind that different towns offer different opportunities - or lack of - to indigenous Australians. And that there are many different regional indigenous groups in different areas.

You can't classify all indigenous Australians nor Africans, Australians, or African Americans as being the same - or their behaviour.

But I'll look around ... now I understand where you were 'coming from' with your previous comments about Aborigines vs Africans... which had me a little perplexed.