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Reply to "Aborigines target sudanese refugees"

I look to the sky like Aboriginies ancestors and what do I see.

I see the most stable people in Australia have no problem with Sudanese people within their midst.

Rhiannon Maasakker, 17, who shares a house with a Sudanese, Ajang Bior Ajang, said the new arrivals were generally well accepted by the mainstream Toowoomba population.

Mainstream people have "no problem" accpeting this. How can they feel at ease while sparks are brewing with Aborigines and racist marginalized white youths.

Mmmh aboriginal ancestor what are you telling me.

The "mainstream" may have deals in the works in Sudan and this is a just political move on their part. They are not bringing Sudanese by airplane to Australia because their story is the saddest of them all. Nope you say. I see more into the matter it seems like mainstream Australian society does not care about their own whether Aborigines or racist white youth. They only care about their own preservation. Mmmhhh. The mantra is coming on...YOU WORK I EAT.

Despite what is going on great Aboriginal ancestor you dont mind if another people inhabit your land. I think this is good and you dont need to tell me what will happen to mainstream Australia society in the ages to come. I dont see them anymore.

Thanks for the tip. Good article.