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Reply to "AA's Next Battleground: Minority Fellowships"

"The court said you can't categorize people purely by race," said Mark Cordes, a law professor at Northern Illinois University. "The same thing would apply to a fellowship. At that point, you aren't treating people as individuals."

But Sen. Barack Obama said the move could be an attempt by the Bush administration to divert attention away from the president's low approval rating.---article

This does not qualify as a 'battleground'. It may well be what Sen. Obama says, but not a battleground.

While these programs are clearly a selection process, they programs are for the assignment of money.

They are NOT programs for admission to the university.

If these neither these programs, nor SIU "...has engaged in a pattern or practice of intentional discrimination against whites, non-preferred minorities and males,..."

If this is found to be true, every such program that selects persons for receiving scholarships at all universities, colleges, private high schools, and other schools, will have to be found similarly in violation.


This is likely to be the first of many desparation moves by the Bush Administration.

I strongly recommend that someone select a similar program at a high-profile school, and formally file a similar legal action in a federal court.

That will shut that down up front.

Where is the NAACP Legal Defense Fund folks?


Jim Chester