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Reply to "AA babies adopted by caucasian parents"

Originally posted by hugsnkisses28:
That is a pretty broad statement to make in regards to whites having a general disregard for black culture in america and abroad..what constitutes black culture... and how does that affect white parents raising a black child..racial issues/culture etc come up when raising a child from all is a factor in raising any child whether they are white, black, chinese etc.

My point which I believed I had made was that with the extensive teaching of primarily European American history from Kindergarten on up through college, that many whites don't have a clue when it comes not only to Black/African history or culture, but even to any other culture than white. As if their opinion or point of view is the end all to everything.
White people who wish to adopt transracially should not bring that type of mindset and attitude. They would have to be EXTREMELY open minded and not your typical white family for transracial adoption to be success in my opinion.
I'm not even going to touch the black culture thing because if you don't know by now.....

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