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Reply to "A year after shooting, Ferguson faces financial toll"

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Yep, Ferguson made a lot of money from the unjust & unfair treatment of Black Americans… not to mention the thousands held in the facility known as Homan Square for over a decade.

Extorting money from blacks was their revenue plan. And if that racist had not killed Michael Brown things would have been the same. But this is going on in every city where a lot of blacks live. 


There is a wealthy municipal within Houston called Bellaire that have its own police dept, Bellaire is 80% white. A young black man was shot in front of his own house in front of his own mother and father by a cop who accused him of car theft. The parents told that asshole cop that he was their son driving their car and he was home but the cop shot him anyway. He lived but further investigation exposed the Belliare police dept was racial profiling blacks for traffic infractions and that 98% of those ticketed were Black and Latino. And this is how they were getting revenue for their budget, same shit going on in Ferguson. And that was back in 2008!


Family: Bellaire officer shot man because he's black

Police accused of racial profiling in incident that left 23-year-old hospitalized



Thank goodness the young man lived through this.


I agree with your post, extorting money from black folk was apparently their revenue plan - yep, take money from the people/community with the least of it - that makes a lot of sense (NOT!).


And you're absolutely right, this is going on in every city that has a black community, as long as the system keeps getting away with it, the practice will continue. 


The truth must be revealed every time, because panties are showing and those panties are nasty and dirty and they smell foul….. The systematic murder & oppression of black people and the racist folks hired to do the dirty deed…must be kept on blast so people can understand what is 'really' going on here. 


The continued lynching of black people (via law enforcement & certain laws put in place to allow this behavior) is a perfect example of history repeating itself.

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