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Reply to "A white dudes take on repatriations"

What's soooooooo abstract about it? I personally know a lot folks with that SLAVE mentality that could use a couple of dollars. And I know a few who hold that MASSA mentality who need to learn how to be charitable with the nasty dynasty passed down by their slaveowner forefathers. Maybe if they did that………just as reparation is just as important to blackfolks to do so. Don't you get it? It's NOT about the money as much as it is about the MESSAGE.

What message? That slavery was a horrible and unjust institution? Who is debating that? As I stated before, if you know any former slaves, by all means, they should be compensated. I was very clear about this before……

Oh so once blacks were established as people and not commodities/chattle we were no longer valuable?

Uhhhhh…..I’m sorry but I don’t recall anyone saying blacks were not valuable.

And the British were cuz once our title transferred from being "stocks" to "humans" ….it was the British who lost something? And that's far more important to pay them for destroying the lives of human beings than it was to give these human beings not only back their lives but a…………Cuz that was the past. Right? And all is fair after slavery. Cuz at least they let them free. Right? And we should just get over it. Right?

Sorry my friend but I’m not following you here very well. All I said was English slave holders were compensated for the loss of their slaves when slavery was abolished. Like you, I feel those black slaves should have been compensated for their enslavement. Unfortunately, they were not. I never said it was ok for one group and not the other. And to be honest, I don’t think the slave owners should have been compensated. But that is neither here not there since the Slave Trade Act in 1807 and the Slavery Abolition Act of 1833 happened more than 175 years ago (and the slave owners were compensated). It’s a matter of historical fact……

So if you know your know that blacks were not treated fairly after slavery either. They were mistreated during the reconstruction, post reconstruction, segegration and during jim crow. And those who preferred not to sharecrop received absolutely nothing....even though they had their so-called freedom and worked many years prior to that FREE. But massa on ………along with their children.

Once again, I’m not sure I know where you’re going with all this. The brutally and evils of slavery is not indispute here. I’m very aware of this barbaric and dehumanizing institution. So, I’m not sure I follow what point you’re attempting to make here…..

Alladat and still you say the descendents of slaves and former slaves should not receive any compensation from the cruelty of America?

If you were a slave -yes. If you were not –no! Just about every group can make a case in some form or another for being historically abused because of race, ethnicity or gender. But to compensate someone simply because they are black ( who never suffered from loss of liberty and freedom nor labored under the brutal hardships of slavery) for transgressions that happened 144 years ago to a group that they are a member of -makes no sense. Sorry, but it’s not going to happen…..EVER!

I'm really having trouble digesting your spin my brotha when you say the actual slaves have to BE alive to receive any benefits. Does that ANY make sense?

Makes perfect sense. If you were severely injured in an industrial accident -you should be compensated for that accident. What sense does it make to award your decedents (who know nothing of your personal existence let alone your name) 144 years later after the fact?? If that was the case, the courts would be indefinitely frozen with countless litigation and tort cases of past injustices being filed by the relatives of deceased wronged victims. Every group would have grounds for seeking compensation for their ancestors for just about every imaginable form injustice and abuse.

If so, you have to say that about inheritance too. Meaning: when a person dies he/she can not leave anything to the folks left behind in the future i.e.including unborn heirs. If that's the case, family dynasties would not have been able to pass things to down to potential grandchildren. Doesn't make sense..does it? But what it does make it is straight out racism! Cuz why?

Uhhhhh, you are free to legally will any property or assets to your decedents. It’s a matter of legal record and documentation. Who said this cannot be done?

Look at Japan. They treated their women poorly in their own country during the war and although America placed the Japanese people in concentration camps, when it was over the Japanese people affected was compensated. It wasn't an issue that they had to be alive cuz many offsprings received funding on behalf of their parents and family members cuz several had DIED during and after being in the camp. So. Why do their families get to have money for being mistreated by America....but!

I already explained this: It was a matter of public and documented record. Everything they had owned prior to their interment was documented. It easy to reconstruct what was lost.

Although the Japanese(except for the railroad...…but they got paid) and The Jews[original Gang bangers] did absolutely NOTHING to contribute to this country…

That’s completely false. And it was the labor of the Chinese that built the transcontinental railroads –not the Japanese. Two totally different groups. Next…..

….they STILL felt they were/are somehow BETTER than black folks. Cuz why? America paid one group for mistreatment...and went to war to save the other group from genocidebut! Black people who were stolen and forced into free labor...…gets nothing? Is this fair? Again what is the real message? Where folks all over the world can come to America and make a living...and can treat Blacks as subhumans...cuz the word they heard was:. Blacks were rescued/saved from Africa. Blacks are really.......almost as long as you stay away from the Po Po....that is if you're black] God!!!? What is we gon' do? Massa goin around wearin' a black mask pretendin to be us!!! Like we stupid or sumthin.

Ummmmm, not trying to be disrespectful my friend but you ranted and raved in a disjointed manner. I could respond to what you said but everything just ran together even though each sentence was seemingly indecent of the previous one. You said some things I do agree with but as I said, it was a disjointed rant. Next time please be more focused or specific. And I never said, “….. once Blacks became humans and not chattle or commodities....we were NO longer valuable.” I have no idea who said that but it was not me.

But to end this, I’ll say what I said in the very beginning: Even though this is a very emotional issue with some folks, their angst, bitterness and vitriol for non supporters is pointless and wasted since it (reparations) -will never, ever happen. I don’t know any other way to say it. Sorry to disappoint you……