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Reply to "A white dudes take on repatriations"

Originally posted by Xeon:

Segregation (legal) and Jim Crow was going to end. The writing was on the wall that this insidious unconstitutional public policy was going to end at some point.

The only people i've ever seen espouse this delusion are euro-americans...

And elaborate on (in a histrionics-less manner) why you've described reparations as "nefarious" when British Slaveowning subjects were compensated for the loss of slaves when Britain abolished slavery in 1833?

Slaveholders were compensated for their legally imposed loss of value. "The British government raised £20 million to pay out in compensation for the loss of the slaves as business assets to the registered owners". This means the slaveowners and their progeny never took a financial hit, while the slaves were never compensated for their legally imposed labor or inability to accumulate any material possessions. There is a distinct disadvantage. All but the willfully blind can see this.

Not to mention, Japanese-Americans were compensated for the loss of their freedom and livelihoods when they were forced into American internment camps during WWII...

Germany, and other european governments were forced to pay for confiscating valuables from Jewish citizens...

American taxpayers are paying billions for the rebuilding of schools and communities in Iraq despite the fact that I have never bombed a school nor killed an Iraqi...

The precedent is more than established and the right thing to do.