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Reply to "A white dudes take on repatriations"

Originally posted by Ted:
I think that the general thinking on repatriations is that somehow money needs to be paid. While this fact is debatable and both sides have great arguments, i think an option is being overlooked.

You ask 100 white dudes if they should pay repatriations in cash form and 98% say hell no.
You ask the same 100 people if the Natives should be given land and i would think 80% would say yes.

I know that the Apache(one tribe) and the Tutsi(one tribe) have different beliefs and values. When you think of it are they really that different ?

Wouldn't it be beneficial for black citizens to act in the same way that the native tribes of north America do and try to gain land and political clout instead of cash money ? This way everyone can take advantage of tax free commerce and help the people in concern. I will remind you that the thought of the general public is like this....

Money= Hell no i had nothing to do with that shit.

Land = That sounds about right and i dont have a problem with giving up land and certain tax clauses, my ancestors were dicks.

There is such respect for the ills fallen on the native people, but not the same attitude towards black folks. I think this is because of the ways things are portrayed to people. Ask for cash, no fuckin way. Ask for land or special treatment, o.k. take it.

I am just wondering if this is a solution for the black community. I am for it, but im a doochbag, and if i was asked to pay more taxes for repatriations i would be pissed. If i was asked to give up federal land and provide a certain industry to be available only on these lands, i am all for it.

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