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A Sistah's perspective on Taebo and what else it's doing for me!

Taebo is one of my loves. I love boxing. I never
sweated so much in my life. With every move you
make in taebo, you will be killing calories. I lost about
4 inches doing this tae bo, that's 4 inches off my stomach.
Yes, we can say I've downsized. If you are on a small
budget or want to save money they got Taebo at
Thrift stores.

Let me tell you. Taebo makes my head, back,
neck, and stomach sweat. Sometimes the sweat
drip so I guess I basically explained the amount of
calories I burned. I feel the fat running away.

Fortunately, I was never obese. I'm just trying to
get toned up. I come a long way with Taebo.

The way Taebo works the stomach standing
up is more comfortable and better than situps.
I ditched situps, one of the most boring
excercises ever.

And more than calorie burning, Tae Bo Crunch
makes you proud, gives you something to flaunt off in your
moves and your body's shape. The voice in your head
says "I'm working it, I'm working it." Wait a minute, that's
the voice in my head while I'm doing taebo.

The sweat does drip. You may need to get
water twice between the Taebos. Taebo crunch is
really so excellent. In Taebo, it's about skill,form, and preciseness.
Take off the tummy fat with Taebo. Lose weight, body fat,
with Taebo. Taebo it right off. What time is better than now?

The music makes you feel good. Every time I hear taebo music
while I'm doing the work out, I get into such a zone that I'm
in A taebo commercial or something working those hips, buns,
thighs, legs.

Taebo is an inspiration, it's for the strong willed. It's for
those who have a dream to be thinner, healthier, stronger.

I recommend Taebo to anybody who is willing
to excercise.
"Black History, All Day, Everyday, All The Time."
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