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University Blues... calm down Razz

You asked a question and then proceeded to argue against an answer never given. You've made an assumption about the answer. This is supposed to be a dialogue and it can only work if everyone slows down and finds out what people truly meant before they agree/answer/argue.

First of all, that came from an article in the first post of this thread, and second, I do not believe that it meant to be educated and success is to lose touch.

Correct me if I am wrong,'ers (and I know you will), but I think it pertains more to the isolation of the process. The American dream, to build wealth now, by any means necessary, for my immediate family... just us. Whereas another approach would be to build wealth for yourself but at the same time be black community minded and create opportunities where you can.

Sometimes it is perceived, but not necessarily so, that the so called black elite, once they have made their mark, distance themselves from all things black and just live in the white world. I am not saying this is true, because I like to deal with facts and besides if I were very rich, I'd be giving and helping anonymously anyway. And people do make assumptions because it is not known that a person does give back to the black community.

I don't think I have explained this too well. Just know that you are not being attacked because you are educated and have made something of yourself. If so, we'd all be attacking ourselves. Big Grin

Peace and Love...

La Femme Nkechi
Be the change in the world you want to see