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Reply to "A Narrow View of Black Women"

I don't buy women's magazines anymore, but I was flicking through the Australian edition of marie claire at work and noticed, among other women's pics, a picture of Alek Wek in a feature called "Women of the World ... what has changed?"
So I thought ok, what does she, or an african woman have to say? I flicked through the pages to see a Bio pic of a woman (supposedly) representing each 'world region' and a brief comment.
Not seeing any black faces, disappointed, I realised the only entry for Africa was white, Suzy Brokensha for South Africa. Anyway, you might be interested in what she had to say...


"These days, young South African women are self-assured, with the general feeling being that "this is my time". They believe that they can do anything they put their mind to, which is very different to how it was a decade ago.
The percentage of women in parliament today is one of the world's higest."
"However, unemployment is also high, and AIDS is a massive issue - 60% of HIV-positive people in South Africa are woman and girls. Eek In many rural families, the mother is dead or very sick, so children are being raised by grandmothers, which will have implications later on. As a strange spin-off, AIDS also means that bigger women are considered sexy here - extreme thinness is often associated with ill-health and poverty.
"Sadly, our beauty ideals are still Euro-centric. The finalists in a recent modelling contest were black but looked very Western. We need to find the next Alek Wek!"

Not good news overall, but I was very surprised at finding any acknowledgement of euro-centric beauty in ANY western woman's beauty magazine. A tiny step, but perhaps a step forward in consciousness for white women??

Also, I think the above mish-mash of views has been highly edited to 'fit the page' so it's a shame these thoughts weren't covered in more detail. Obviously the comment about bigger women compared to thin is highly subjective. And big and thick and fat are all just words that each mean entirely different meanings to different people. In the fashion world, 'big' probably means anyone over size 6 or 8. Roll Eyes
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