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Reply to "A Dick with a Gun"

Originally posted by MBM:
Have you heard that the guy Cheney shot just had a heart attack? Being want to expect the worst from these guys I'll lay my ultimate conspiracy theory out about this.

Cheney shot and killed the guy. It took so long to release info because they completely froze about how to deal with the issue. They spun it as "superficial wounds" and they'll announce his death as a result of some "freak" medical thing - supposedly like the heart attack. Think about it, if it were no big deal why wouldn't they have the guy himself proclaim his health and the fact that it was just an innocent accident? Wouldn't that be the best way to relieve pressure on this?

He may not be dead, but its A LOT worse than we have been lead to believe.

It's all very interesting . . .

But what is suspect to me is that you shoot someone in the face, on accident??? The last time I've personally heard of that happening is with an inexperienced kid, shooting another kid in the face, which ended up with the victim losing his eye. That was bb's and buck shot is just a little smaller. I think that there is more to this than meets the eye too MBM.
But the jokes surrounding this are just absolutely HILARIOUS! I love the Elmer Fudd jokes! lol
One of my favorites is "I thwat I saw a Democwat" lol