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Reply to "A Dick with a Gun"

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Slow Leak: How Cheney Stalled News Reports of Hunting Accident
Word of the mishap took 20 hours to get out as the Vice President insisted on telling a local newspaper before everyone else, sources say

The Vice President was the press strategist, and Karl Rove was the investigative reporter. Vice President Cheney overruled the advice of several members of the White House staff and insisted on sticking to a plan for releasing information about his hunting accident that resulted in a 20-hour, overnight delay in public confirmation of the startling incident, according to several Republican sources.,8599,1159347,00.html

"This is either a cover-up story or an incompetence story," said a top Republican who is close to the White House and has rarely been critical of the Administration in the past five years. "Karl was constrained, as was the entire communications operation, because the Vice President had arranged for how this was to come out." ...

"Uhmmm, Alex ... I'll take cover-up for a thousand, please."

At the very least, it's an example of covering up incompetence.