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Reply to ""A Corporate Trojan Horse""

Originally Posted by sunnubian:
Originally Posted by Kocolicious:

  I cannot imagine all this stuff will be authorized by America...especially the Congress allowing it.  I don't understand "SOPA is something Obama ask for...only if Congress gives it to him."  That does NOT make sense.  I have to progress this information first before I say anymore. It's a whole lot to consider and I want to make absolutely sure I comprehend everything said clearly.   But!

Yes, I'm trying to locate information are really links President Obama, specifically, to any of this in the first place or that proves he even possesses any authority to do anything about it. 


SOPA has to do with our politicians colluding, again, with corporate America, to gain control over the Internet and Internet Freedom, under the guised of things like "copyright" infringement, etc.  It would be their way of controlling Information and the sharing and disclosure of Information.



This is not about a "law" being debated or passed as suggest by the White House.  This is apart of a "trade agreement" where the laws are changed pursuant to the conditions of the trade agreement. 


I'd suggest Koko reviewing the clip again...Obama isn't asking for SOPA, he is requesting "fast track" which is itself an end run around congressional authority.  SOPA, among other things, is contained in a trade agreement (TPP).  He pushes the package that contains SOPA and it cannot be argued that he is unaware of its contents when its his administration that is requiring Congress members (who actually have constitutional authority in this matter) to NOT DISCLOSE what the administration allows them to see.


If you're looking to understand Obama's view on this, you need to look at his statements and attitude towards trade and his actions even before he was elected. 


His administration isn't pushing for this behind his back, he is the spokesperson for it.