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Reply to "A 21st Century Bill of Rights"


"The right to vote (NOT in the constitution) and to have it count."

The 27 amendements are part of the constitution. What do you mean the right to vote is not in the constitution? Do you mean it is not in the bill of rights(first 10 amendments)?

"The right to live free of racism, classism, sexism, or sexual orientation bias etc."

People already have the right to not be discriminated because of their race, class, sex, and sexual orientation. It is now just a matter of enforcing this.

Now, racism, sexism, and other bias are beliefs, so people can never live free from it. People only have the right for these biases not to impede on their lives.

As far as the 2nd amendment(the right to bear arms) it was written when this was necessary. Now, not that what you listed was not important, but being able to defend yourself is just as important, especially if you live in a crime ridden area.

Being able to protect your family from violence and crime is not just as important??
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