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Reply to "A 21st Century Bill of Rights"

In fact by dictating an arbitrary minimum wage you are hurting those on the lowest income levels. Businesses put money into things of value, if a worker has a value of $3 an hour than he/she will not make any income. If you raise minimum wage to $7 all those who have a labor value of below that will lose their jobs unless they can increase their value to $7. You simply make it harder for the poor to obtain employment. You hobble the economy in its' ability to raise overall income and employment on its' own, which it does in time and free of large-scale coercion. It is not exploitation to exchange money for labor, it is honorable and nothing but the law of supply and demand can dictate the value of a person's labor. If minimum wage is so great, why not raise it to a thousand dollars an hour?---'9'

You lost me with this one.

Bad rationale.

When I paid a mimimum of $5/hour, the law required $3.75, 1/3 more.

I thought I was a 'good guy'.

The real reason I paid that amount is because I knew I would get 'garbage labor' at that rate.

Your rationale says raising the minimum wage makes it harder to find work.

Surely there is an oxymoron for that.


Jim Chester