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Reply to "A 21st Century Bill of Rights"

Most of those are not rights MBM. They are all privileges granted by a criminal institution.

We have no rightful authority to dictate who others may associate with, hire, allow onto their property, etc for whatever reason. You make an abomination of the cause for racial harmony when you threaten to destroy the business of any who practice racism. You will only achieve your noble cause on the moral battlefield. To send thugs against any who exercise their right to racism perverts and destroys our cause while empowering theirs. The only way to fight it is do it with nonviolence: boycott, spreading of information, debate, persuasion, protest, etc...

You may choose mutually agreed upon arbitrators to settle disputes between you and others but one has no authority to impose a legal system upon another which they do not consent to.

An employer may hire another for any payment or lack thereof that both parties agree to. In fact by dictating an arbitrary minimum wage you are hurting those on the lowest income levels. Businesses put money into things of value, if a worker has a value of $3 an hour than he/she will not make any income. If you raise minimum wage to $7 all those who have a labor value of below that will lose their jobs unless they can increase their value to $7. You simply make it harder for the poor to obtain employment. You hobble the economy in its' ability to raise overall income and employment on its' own, which it does in time and free of large-scale coercion. It is not exploitation to exchange money for labor, it is honorable and nothing but the law of supply and demand can dictate the value of a person's labor. If minimum wage is so great, why not raise it to a thousand dollars an hour?

We have no authority to vote for rulers of people who do not consent to that rule. You will never keep monied interests from corrupting democracies unless that democracy is a violent mob which crushes entrepeneurs, then it is simply taken over by pathological personalities drunk on violence giving lip service to equality while filling their coffers with stolen money (Taxes).

We must not accept being forced to pay for either the brainwashing of children or their education. It is virtuous to give charitably to those in need and education is of the greatest value. Do not sully that virtue with force. More people would recieve not only an education, but a quality one if all schools must compete with each other by providing lower cost, higher quality education. Governments use their education institutions to bend populaces to their will by dominating their minds. Vouchers are not only still theft, but also insinuate Government considerably into Private schools, perverting yet another institution independent of Government.

No one has any authority or right to force another to take care of them. Like education, health care would be provided at lesser costs and at higher quality if Government did not interfere.

You have a right not to be poisoned or your property harmed by pollution. Much like nonviolent struggles against racism, so can pollution causing elements be nonviolently dealt with, far more effectively then a democracy, far more ethically then socialism. As for food, each of us has the right to eat as unhealthy food as we desire and for sellers of food to sell food as unhealthy as consumers are willing to buy.

Behind everything the government does, innocents must be stolen from, kidnapped and murdered.

I wonder what Martin Luther King would say when nonviolent protestors protest and are the victims of violence used to further and corrupt his own ideals.