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Reply to "A 21st Century Bill of Rights"

That's our challenge. That's our opportunity!---MBM

I wholeheartedly agree!!!

Let's briefly consider the following rights:MBM

The right to live free of racism, classism, sexism, or sexual orientation bias etc.

I would add 'in the law', or better yet, 'prohibited in the law'.

The right to a legal system free of race, class, or any other bias

I would add the same.

The right to a living wage – to not be exploited for your labor

The right to vote (NOT in the constitution) and to have it count

I would add the definition for 'living wage'.

The right to a quality public education

Quality education need not be tied to being public.

The right to quality healthcare

The right to clean air, water and wholesome/healthy food---MBM

Encompassed in, or corollary to your bias item, I would include permanent protection of the 'right to vote' on the basis of 'race and color'.

And recognize the descendants of America's institution of slavery as an indigenous people of North America.


Jim Chester