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Reply to "9/11 - The Anniversary, The Legacy"

Originally posted by EbonyRose:
While watching two different shows on the anniversary of 9-11, what happened at the Pentagon was termed to be an "explosion" and not an airplane strike terrorist attack.

When did this determination of the events of what happened there change? Confused

Someone provided a link about the Pentagon strike on another board that had some really hilarious information.

They said that there was no recording of seismic activity when an airliner supposedly struck the Pentagon.

When planes struck the World Trade Center towers at the 80th and 95th floors they were recorded via ground vibration. So how could an airliner have hit the Pentagon at practically ground level without doing the same? It is also curious that with all I have run across about the seismographs on the WTC I hadn't heard about this before. That is one of the cool things about information hiding, it is so easy for people to not think of obvious questions.