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Reply to "9/11 - The Anniversary, The Legacy"

Originally posted by umbrarchist:
Though I don't go in on the 9-11 conspiracy theory

Do you go in for 200 ton airliners leveling 500,000 ton buildings in less than 2 hours? Physics is more important than conspiracies.

Well. If the plane had no fuel then the conspiracy theory makes a LOT of sense.

The fuel causes a problem for the conspiracy theory. Yes. I know that some people have suggested that the heat from the resulting fire could not possibly have reached the temperature required to actually melt the steel.

However, it would not be necessary for the steel to melt.

The only thing necessary is for the heat to sufficiently compromise the structural integrity of the frame. It doesn't require it to actually reach the melting point.

I'm no engineer (or physicist) but it seems reasonable to initially only consider the potential energy of the floors above the point where the jet collided.

Once the structural integrity of the frame at that point is sufficiently compromised then the next floor down would have to deal with the resulting force of the entirety of the structure above it collapsing.

It would be like a domino effect. With each successive floor adding to the stress which was brought to bear on the remaining structure beneath. It would be like a shock wave rippling downward gathering strength as it progressed.

I have not rigorously thought through the process. And I have no proof (it would be impossible to have definitive proof anyway). But it seems to me a waste of time to speculate.

Besides, if you find me 5 engineers who dispute this version of things, I can probably find 20 who don't. At least 5. So it's at least a reasonable version of events.

So in the end, whether the government were responsible or not, I don't trust the government anyway (this one especially). It makes no difference to my overall outlook on things either way. So I don't waste brain cells hatching conspiracies.

Plus given the unusual incompetence of this government it would strike me as very odd that this is the only thing they got perfectly right.
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