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Reply to "9/11 - The Anniversary, The Legacy"

Originally posted by MBM:
What do you think is the legacy of 9/11 on this day - the second anniversary of the event? What impact has it had on American life? What impact has it had on you? What will the lasting impact of 9/11 be on America and the world?

The short term effect is a curtailing of civil liberties (increasing over time), ignoring of pressing social issues here at home, a disaster for the economy, simmering anger amoung portions of the population against the government (I'm recalling early polls that said that Americans were willing to lose several hundreds of soldiers, but not a thousand, which we will likely surpass in a couple of years), and an expansion of the American Empire worldwide.

The long term impact is more difficult to determine, but I'm reminded of the overextension of the former Soviet Union in Afganastan.

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