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Reply to "4 Unpopular "TRUTHS"... by Project 2019"

Originally posted by Isome:
Attitudes like that (this is a white man's world) are illustrative of the quote:
    Racism systematically verifies itself anytime the slave can only be free by imitating his master.
Or rather by accepting "his place" and then trying to repackage that acceptance as a Morally Superior position. You know, as CON-Feed tries to prop up and infuse his one-sided "Interal Focus" idea as a positive and tries to disparage what he calls the effort "To Have White Folks Change" as a negative... as if his view is certifiably better, more focused, more concerned, more appropriate and more constructive and instructive towards the uplift and forward flow of the Black Community and its aspirations.


CON-Feed, for one, systematically validates racism and WHITE SUPREMACY by being too chicken shit to forward a position wherein either racism or WHITE SUPREMACY is or will be challenged or confronted. By definition, that's an acceptance and a permission given to both.

Taking my principle position and Declaration of African-American Human/Cultural Dignity:
Black people should/must govern themselves IN EVERY ASPECT [of life]. It is a fundamental, inalienable Human Cultural Right.

...We see how empty and vain CON-Feed's Lip Service is:
"[White People] do not have a right to trample over other people."

As you suggested, NO SANE and self-respecting Black person accepts, rationalizes or downplays the obvious affront and assault on the African American personhood... PEOPLEHOOD, that America's WHITE MAJORITY RULE Democracy has always represented.

Now as far as Slave Imitating Master, besides the bulk of CON-Feed's rhetoric, his esteeming of "The Master's" CAPITALISM and all his assorted cheerleading for it without even a wrinkle of his own thoughts that represent any type of a modification, alteration or innovation or moderation thereof... Well, GUILTY AS CHARGED.