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Reply to "4 Unpopular "TRUTHS"... by Project 2019"

the most important of these "unpopular truths" include:
(1) The nature and the amount of racism "in 2001" are not the reasons why black Americans will have the lowest socioeconomic standing in 2009.

(2) Back America will "never" attain socioeconomic equality with white America "until" black Americans attain educational equivalency with white Americans.

(3) There is no easy or immediate fix for black America's problems.

(4) "Only" black Americans can fix black America problems.

This one of the reasons I don't like to talk to Europeans about my circumstance.

My mind would make me 'write a check' my body can't cash,... anymore.

Each of these points treat their respective subjects as the ONLY reason. We know no one thing is ever the ONLY thing.

'Racism', 'educational equivalency', 'no fix', and 'only we can fix'

Racism is not bound by time, nor is racism defined by time. Racism is a finite structural entity of American society. It is integral to the organizational culture of not only our society, but our government.

Racism is, therefore, integral to the circumstance of African Americans.

Educational equivalency has to viewed in terms of being culturally informed. It cannot mean (simply) formal education.

the controllers of the educational system will always control the content.

It is not true there is 'no fix' for the circumstance of African America. The 'fix' is societal parity.

The parity parameter of our society is ancestral nationality; our identity.

'Only we can fix it'. While this is not true as an application for 'all problems'.

It is however only we who can declare and maintain our identity.


Jim Chester