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Reply to "4 Unpopular "TRUTHS"... by Project 2019"

Of course you don't. To believe that would be akin to believing in your own inferiority.

Yeah, ISOME... be some people view that ASSERTION OF ONE'S HUMANITY as some type of troubling REBELLION. How dare a ni@@er not subscribe to "This Is A White Man's World."
  • The European is not going to change his ways until he decides that he no longer wishes to remain a distinct genetic group. He has a right to decide this. He does not have a right to trample over other people.

    [But yet, nothing is said...]

  • They know the consequences of yielding their guard and accepting full "integration". They will move away from us and attempt to "make it on their own" before they accept total domination from a non-White power who can have their way with them.

  • ...I did not say that we could not gather such power WITHIN our own communities. I said OVER THEM.

In other words, according to CF... THIS IS A WHITE MAN'S COUNTRY. Concede to them, their country and just worry about "our own communities." We have no ownership or say in the country, at large, for it is THE WHITE MAN'S COUNTRY to do with it as he will. It is his "right" and ya'll Black folk keep talking about Gaining POWER OVER, Domination OVER White Folks (which, I, CON-Feed just made up) and ya'll know that's not going to happen.

Make Them Feel COMFORTABLE, huh CON-Feed??