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Reply to "30th Anniversary of September 11 : Over 3000 dead"

Originally posted by sergeant:
Guess some of this mattered in the 1970's. And as is typical, some assume that the US had total control over the internal workings of Chile, which is never the case in any of these old stories.

Regardless, why is an event over 30 years old, with most the participants now dead even brought up again today? Are you suggesting the US is doing this today in Chile?

Hey, did you hear about the Louisiana Purchase? Better run out and get yours, eh ricardo.



You may not consider it big news, but I assure that the 30th Aniversary of 9/11 is a big deal in Chile. Many of the perpetrators are indeed alive. Our government could help by allowing the extradiction of Henry Kissinger.

Image that, instead of "only" killing 3000 people, Al-Queda had actually succeeded in overthrowing our government and established a military dictatorship in the US, lasting 17 years, resulting in the widespread killing, maiming, and torturing of Americans. Do you think that we would mark the 30th aniversary?

30 years after coup in Chile, justice still possible: Human Rights Watch

WASHINGTON (AFP) - Chile must now hold accountable those responsible for gross human rights violations under military rule, Human Rights Watch said ahead of the 30th anniversary of the coup that overthrew elected socialist president Salvador Allende.

More than 300 military and police officials implicated in human rights violations under the 1973-1990 government of General Augusto Pinochet (news - web sites) are facing criminal proceedings.

Many are being held in detention pending trial. Among the defendants are twenty-two generals, and forty colonels and lieutenant colonels, HRW said.

"The thirtieth anniversary of the military coup comes at a time when hopes are high that justice will finally be achieved in Chile," said Jose Miguel Vivanco, executive director of Human Rights Watch's Americas Division.

"The Chilean courts deserve great credit for the advances they have made in criminal prosecutions. Now the government must give them the tools they need to bring to trial those responsible for the terrible crimes of the Pinochet era," he added.

Until Pinochet's 1998 arrest in London, most human rights crimes committed during military rule were not prosecuted in Chile. Officials were shielded from justice by a 1978 amnesty decree.

Recent advances in criminal prosecutions have mostly been possible because the courts have ceased applying the amnesty decree in cases of forced disappearance, ruling that the crime is ongoing until the death of the victim can be established, HRW said.

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