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Reply to "25 Years Later Tawana Brawley Served Court Papers In Defamation Lawsuit"

Originally Posted by RadioRaheem:


(From the movie Do the Right Thing and reads "TAWANA TOLD THE TRUTH!")


One thing I noticed about the "color-free" citizens of our country is that they seem to have a hard time letting a "color-ful" person reform their image and rebuilt their lives.  Kind of like people of color are "Strike One, You're OUT!!"

This story is an example of that, but here are some others...Michael Vick, Isiah Washington,  Vanessa Williams,  Michael Jackson, Ray Lewis, Mike Tyson, etc...but others are Charlie Sheen (assaulting women), Jerry Springer (hooker scandal in Ohio...prior to being on TV), Rob Lowe (sex scandal), David Letterman (sex scandal with interns), Arnold Schwarzenegger (baby with the Help), and Woody Allen (as described by rapper Mos Def, "You can laugh and criticize Michael Jackson if you wanna 
Woody Allen, molested and married his step-daughter 
Same press kicking dirt on Michael's name 
Show Woody and Soon-Ye at the playoff game, holding hands 
Sit back and just bug, think about that 
Would he get that type of dap if his name was Woody Black?




and No...I AM NOT A RACIST!!!  Just calling the game like I see it!!!!  




LOL!!!  they are still doing it many, many years later after Mos Def called them out!!!




Woody Allen and Sun Yi

Jets vs. Dolphins 
Oct. 28, 2012 at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ

Read More: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.c...3//10/#ixzz2Jy9jCC7T