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Reply to "2 Officers Are Shot Amid Protests Outside Ferguson Police Station"

Originally Posted by Cholly:

Quote by Fabulous: "Quote:  N*ggers???  "I refuse to condemn the black protesters in that community."


I said agitators, not peaceful protestors.


The two aren't the same because the angry agitators weren't there to peacefully protest at all but instead to purposely take aim, shot at hoping to kill as many police officers as they can that can be placed squarely on the Black agitators in Ferguson and not racist Whites because of all the proven racial unrest in Ferguson.


Sadly many Black people, Ferguson residents or not, actually want this unrest in Ferguson to continue and prosper because it maybe a financial benefit for them in some way knowing that change may end their positive activities.


I keep hearing the shooting was from atop a small hill from a distance and it was a pistol shot which is really hard to do with accuracy that hit two police officers and because of that, it's automatically assumed by many it must be a White person.




Black people can shoot a pistol with a high level of accuracy? Blacks don't target practice or go to shooting ranges for target practice?


Ex-military. Marksman, sharpshooter or expert?


Every Black person doesn't want the city of Ferguson to change for the betterment of Blacks in Ferguson because it would severely limit and undermines their activities that also maybe directly involved being in cahoots that involves the illegal activities of the Ferguson Police Department.


It happens all the time all across America.


Those are the "n*ggers" I speak of.

By your use of the racial slur "n*gger," it is understood you are referring to a "black person" (peaceful demonstrator or not… Ferguson resident or not).


Therefore, what I'm saying is & for the sake of clarity:  I don't believe the shooter was a black person (peaceful demonstrator or not… Ferguson resident or not)…


Black people have been blamed for crimes committed by whites for DECADES… in other words, it happens all the time across America.



A diversionary activity is one intended to attract people's attention away from something which you do not want them to think about, know about, or deal with. *snip*


I can see the ferguson police department attempting to divert attention AWAY from their murderous deeds & corruption, even to the extent of sacrificing one (or two) of their own.


Given the history of this country and black/white relations, I don't see what's so difficult to believe about that    


Whatevah, to each his or her own - I, for one, refuse to fall for this (the n*ggers did it) just because the (so-called) white man said so


But then…. that's just me. 

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