Reply to "2 Officers Are Shot Amid Protests Outside Ferguson Police Station"

Quote by Fabulous: "I can see the Ferguson police department attempting to divert attention AWAY from their murderous deeds & corruption, even to the extent of sacrificing one (or two) of their own."


Diversion can be a two way street.


I understand the history of Whites blaming Blacks and that maybe the case (I just find that highly unlikely) that the racist Ferguson Police Department on purpose would actually shot two of their very own racist cops (possibly killing them) to divert attention away from their murderous deeds and corruption that's already been exposed of doing.


I seriously doubt they would try and kill two of their very own and not try to also try and kill peaceful protestors among that crowd who in their minds, directly hate and blame for all their negative exposure for the very reasons you mentioned while using a hand pistol and not using a personally owned high powered rifle they are highly trained with target accuracy to do it.


Can't use a police issued high powered rife or hand pistol because the ballistics would be accurately traced back to them.


Racist rogue cops in Ferguson loathe and hate Black people so much because they have been totally exposed by Blacks in Ferguson, the President, Eric Holder and the DOJ knowing their days as police in Ferguson are numbered, they would actually take aim and sacrifice two of their very own racist White cops as a diversion and not try and kill Blacks in that crowd who they directly hate and blame for all their current troubles.


"Just aim and shoot at the White cops and not at the Black protestors. Don't try and kill the cops but just shoot to injure as many cops as you can and we will use a pistol instead of a rifle shooting at a greater distance so that everyone will think that a Black person did it."


I also understand that throughout American history, every Black person despite the Black struggle of slavery, didn't care about making progress and were very comfortable, happy and content with the way things were at the time (and even today many think that way) because they felt it was a real benefit to them while also protecting them.


Many Black slaves didn't want slavery to actually end because slavery was all they knew from the very day their were born until the very day they died who were so deeply and psychologically ingrained as slaves.


The White man, wife and children was viewed as their God given masters be it through purposed fear, skewed christian religion or both as their guardians and protectors.


Without that overall security blanket of protection in their lives despite all the inhumane indignities they suffered their entire lives as slaves, they truly felt that living outside of slavery as free men or women for the first time in their lives regardless of age without that overall protective security blanket of their White master was something they didn't want.


And if another Black slave tried to directly interfere with their overall happiness, security and protection afforded to him or her by his White master and even if they were the actual caused the problem, they would lie to the White master and blame another black slave (especially a slave they really didn't like) trying to do harm to that innocent Black slave knowing he or she would be severely punished at the hands of the White master as they watched the wronged punishment that they truly deserved without a care for that wronged black slave.


Even today you have Blacks (rich and poor) who directly benefit from the struggle of Blacks and purposely don't want that dynamic to change that benefits them that would make progress for all at their expense because they are greed driven, selfish and the constant turmoil of Blacks benefits them specifically.


I also know that you have some really stupid, naive, violent and opportunistic Blacks who will actually make a better situation even worse because they just don't give a good damn; are always angry and if given the opportunity as probably in this case, take advantage.


The bigger picture they see in their lives as "progress" individually in their lives isn't the very same bigger picture as seen by others who have an opposite view of as an entire African American community of positive progress.


It doesn't matter to them if the peaceful Black protestors and citizens of Ferguson get the overall police department and city reform they desperately seek in that small town and also want to kill cops because of the cops murderous deeds and corruption they also may see as a problem for the very murderous deeds and corruption they also do themselves.


I am in this case, going to say that some Blacks did want this "Black progress" totally messed up because it directly messes with their very own "Black progress" and situations.