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Reply to "2 Officers Are Shot Amid Protests Outside Ferguson Police Station"

Originally Posted by Xeon:

"And he (the alleged shooter) said he wasn't AIMING at the police - if he's telling the true at all about the shooting, he could be just taking the fall; it could all be a set up.  It has happened before."


A set up? WTF??!! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! That's funny also. This street coon confessed to the shooting. The shell casings left on the scene matched his gun. Even if he was shooting at someone else -why would he bring a loaded gun to a peaceful demonstration? Who the hell does that? Well, he will have his day in court and regardless if he was allegedly aiming at someone else -he is still guilty of the possession of an illegal firearm and discharging it recklessly and endangering lives. E'nuff said.......

I have a question:


WHY is this racist fuck (Xeon) allowed to spew racial slurs and still remain on the board?


His ongoing racial slurs could be 'one reason' why some folks don't come here to post as much as they use to, bottom-line, MBM should ban this freak from the board.  


Xeon is a useless pile of doggy poop on a good day. 


Go stick your head out of a window 50 floors high - feet first!


[hmmmmm…. maybe he's related to goodman  I'm sure they're at least friends]

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