Reply to "2 Officers Are Shot Amid Protests Outside Ferguson Police Station"

"I’m here to help you."


Oh no! Not again! Ha! Ha! Ha! Well, I'm still waiting to hear about this so-called help. I have yet to see any details......


"I said the same as you. Delivery counts.It makes ALL the difference.  You deliver your portentous words with sick glee. You must notice that!"


Uhhhhh....not really. What lies have I told? What fabrications have I posted? And do you read the posts of other members of this board? You have never noticed their racism, howling condemnations and outright bigotry? Ooops! I forgot. They're black -so it's ok to spew racist barbs and trash talking. I got it...I got bad.....


"If not, you’re as thick as a violent  KKK member and serve derision. Do not play dumb. Listen! Look at the attitudes of the KKK and police in Ferguson. Look! Observe!"


Ok. But I have yet to see any verified and documented KKK involvement. I think in your bitterness, you are overreaching and using the names of white racist organizations to bolster your emotional rants when there is no need to. Why? Because the facts speak for themselves! The DOJ exposed how the city movement was targeting blacks and the racism within the police department! It's now documented! There is no need to add paranoiac race fantasy to an already exposed and discredited  parasitic city government and its police force. THERE IS NO KKK INVOLVEMENT HERE! What is wrong with you???????


"So what if people didn’t want it to be so."


So what if people wanted to believe a Negro could not possibly be the culprit? WHAT??? Why not? Why could the shooter not be black? You don't see anything wrong with the belief that is was not a possibility? And you want to call me names? I'm the bad guy? REALLY???????


"Whose got the twisted, bitter, hateful faces?  Who? Look at the KKK types in Ferguson. Now get a hold of yourself. I’m here to help you! Really, find your heart and soul. If you cannot do that, then you’re no better than the KKK types. Last GET REAL chance: this is your moment to be a gollem or a man!"


Look, I think the DOJ did a great thing by exposing and calling out the racism in the city government with its top down revenue extortion policies directed at the black residents and the foul practices of the police department. I was very glad to see the resignations and I'm hoping for more. The black people in the city were victims of an illegal and immoral injustice. My hope is that going forward -they will get off their asses and vote a constituency in that will end the strategic discrimination and give them the services they are entitled to as taxpaying citizens. And once again -tell me why I'm the bad guy that needs help!