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Reply to "17 year old boy could serve 35 years for Credit card fraud."

This is really, really sad. He looks like he is only 12 years old. I fear what will happen to him when he is placed in adult prison.


According to the person who posted the video, he was arrested again (on March 18th).   


35 years for credit card fraud is a Draconian punishment. Three years would have been reasonable but it was also his first offense, so that should have been factored in.


Meanwhile, not too long ago, Greedy Wall Street and Greedy-Banks-Too-Big-To-Fail engaged in bad investment practices involving risky home loans, which resulted in the near collapse of the GLOBAL economy. What did they get? A bailout (reward), in the amount of $700,000,000,000, at the taxpayers' (our) expense!!!


Jerahn and company's credit card fraud resulted in a loss of less than $50,000, which did not result in the near collapse of the global economy, let alone the national economy. What he did was wrong. Jerahn knows that. He deserved punishment but his punishment should have fit the crime. Giving him 35 years (basically a life sentence for him) did not fit the crime. Monsters usually get less time for raping a child.


Facebook: Fight for Jerahn Tucker


Attached is a screenshot from this Facebook page.







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  • Fight for Jerahn Tucker: Arrested again :(
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