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Reply to "17 year old boy could serve 35 years for Credit card fraud."

Originally Posted by EarthAndSky:

Forgot to mention, if you are a white teen, who has wealthy parents, you can drive drunk, run down several people, killing four of them, and then claim affluenza as your defense. No time in jail for you, just 10 years probation and rehab; even though, you had a prior arrest record. 



Everything you just said here and above.


But, there is something even more sinister going on here.  They are using the police, the courts, Cruel and Unusual Punishment sentencing, racist juries, racist judges, the entire Prison Industrial Complex Industry to carry out their racist War on Black people in America.


They are murdering and brutalizing our children and attempting to break their spirits and any chance of living a normal life by indoctrinating them into a psychological Arrested Development by criminalizing any and all adolescent behavior in Black youth that they possibly can.  


They have already "normalized" even having a criminal record in our youth.


The vast majority of African American incarcerated in America are incarcerated for non-violent crimes.  


They have used [and still are using] the Media, Hollywood, the Music Industry and a constant Racist Propaganda Campaign to ingrain in people's psyche that Black person is synonymous with "criminal" or "thug" or "violent" or "guilty", and to even indoctrinate that same sentiment into the psyche of even Black people.


They are going after our children and they are using America's (IN)Justice system as much as they are using racist cops and "Stand Your Ground"-type laws to do so.  


And this is not just happening in America, Black people are being done like this or are just being shot down like rats all over the world.


African Americans better start Connecting-The-Dots before it is too late; The entire Black Race better start Connecting-The-Dots before it is too late.