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Reply to "17 year old boy could serve 35 years for Credit card fraud."





Release Jerahn Tucker - age17, first offense,1 credit card, facing 35 years in prison.
  • Petitioning Mayor James H. Dennis, 

Release Jerahn Tucker - age17, first offense,1 credit card, facing 35 years in prison.

  1. monique santiago
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    monique santiago

    virginia beach, VA

Jerahn Tucker who is 17 years old was arrested for credit card theft. He is facing 35 years for the use of one credit card in which he purchased a soda. YES ONE SODA! Jerahn was held without  bail in Douglas County Jail in Georgia for two months. After several bail request attempts Jerahn was FINALLY granted bail after doing the show BEYOND SCARED STRAIGHT.

Immediately after being released in his mother’s custody Jerahn went back to school and continued to work hard on his grades, writing music, and continued studying and exploring his love for science. Before Jerahn went in to jail he was preparing for his prom, he was doing great in school, and was just being a normal teenager. Jerahn sadly got caught up in the wrong crowd and his nightmare began. He has never been in trouble or been in jail prior to this incident.

On March 17th 2014 he was picked up and a warrant was issued. Jerahn was arrested at his school while in the process of taking his senior tests. Douglas County claims he was picked up due to a “new charge”. How does a child who is waiting on a court hearing this summer land back in jail when he is doing everything RIGHT? Jerahn was going to school on a daily basis and he returned straight home every single day after school was dismissed.  Jerahn even wanted to take on the mentoring role for young kids who are going down the wrong path and share his story.

Jerahn clearly made a decision that has affected his life, we don’t dispute that. My question is should Jerahn spend 35 years in prison due to this immature decision he made? Absolutely NOT! Please join me in the Fight for Jerahn Tucker. Sign the petition and share his story to your family and friends and let us get him home. 17 years old, 1 credit card, facing 35 years! The Injustice in the Justice system is overwhelmingly sad! Our youth are being held captive in an ugly system. Jerahn is facing 35 years for a credit card, meanwhile murderers and child molesters face less time.


Our youth need guidance and direction not Prison! If there are any questions please contact us at or you can visit his support page on Facebook to keep up with his case at FIGHT FOR JERAHN TUCKER.


Thank you,

Legal Advocate

Monique Santiago