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Reply to "1500 Year Old Bible Found"

The CREATOR is NOT gender specific. Male-dominated man made religion created that pseudonym.
What amazes me, sunnubian, is the fact that many are still brainwashed into b-e-l-i-e-v-i-n-g that all sources of divinity are found outside of self. The wholistic approach of mind, body and soul as it relates to spirituality as been profusely divided, concealed and mangled...
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-Originally Posted by sunnubian:

-The "powers-that-be" merely took religious or spiritual concepts and turned t-hem into tools to brainwash, socially condition, enslave and manipulate the psyche of the masses to their whims and subjugation.  


"Religion" works the same way that media propaganda works, and the more ancient texts are being 'discovered' or revealed, the more it becomes apparent just how much revisionism to deliberately deceive has been taking place over the past thousands of years.


I still say that what we perceive to be God and all the religious concepts and beliefs humanity needs to go by, has already written directly into the psyche of human beings, it's called a conscience, common sense, and the natural human instinct of compassion.


Humanity has just allowed far too many of those who lack those natural human traits be in positions of power and influence in the world.