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10s of 1000s of the black seamen in the age of sail contributed to the maritime labor force!

Sailing is quite an adventure,

we know. So lets see how our Black people,

Black seamen did in the Age of Sail. This

book touches base on Black sailors from

Africa through the middle of the 1800s period.

20 percent of Seamen's jobs were filled by Black men.

This book lets us see how our Black people

contributed much maritime labor force, shaped

mariner culture and the identiry of free

black communities and linked the African diaspora.

This book shows us the Black seamen,

pilots and cooks on merchant ships , warships,
whalers, and other coastal and deep sea vessels.

This book has 352 pages, sounds like a great
amount of reading.
"Black History, All Day, Everyday, All The Time."
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