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Reply to "... Of Burning Houses & Pipe Dreams"

I am not even saying that it has to be a so-called African American party, but there I think it behooves black folk to "think outside of the box" in this respect.---kresge

I heard all of Wade Henderson's presentation.

What a waste.

Smiley gave him almost a groveling introduction that was lauditory beyond Henderson's profile. His presentation sounded like a rally speech from 1062.

That's one seat that could have been taken of the stage, OR better yet given to one the members of the 'Youth Panel'.

There was another 'minister-type' that couldn't quite 'remember his name'.

That's another seat.

I sincerely believe that a political body focused on the needs of African America will change the political dynamic of the nation.

And this is not pursuant to this 'We will save the nation crap.'

I mean such a politica entity will take the 'slam duke' mentality out of both major parties.

In trying to keep us 'on the bottom', everyone else's boat rises, simply because ours gets lifted.

That's not a change in menatality, but rather a result of desperation.

On Sunday evening, Bellefonte and Moseley delivered a discussion around Moseley's newest book that Bellefonte characterized as 'outside the box'.

The success of African America has always been 'outside the box'.

I issued an open invitation to anyone who wants to align themselves with such a party.

It will always remain open.


Jim Chester