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Reply to "... Of Burning Houses & Pipe Dreams"

Originally posted by James Wesley Chester:
My dissappointment is I missed any discussion about a political party, or whatever name, and if it occurred.

There was an awful lot of 'brain power' on that stage. Not broaching that clear need, says something is still lacking.


Jim Chester

You did not miss it, because it was not raised. This was the substance of the question on my index card that I handed in. Democrat and Republican do not constitute the political spectrum. There was no question about the viability of third parties, even on the local or state level. I think that is a serious oversight. I am not even saying that it has to be a so-called African American party, but there I think it behooves black folk to "think outside of the box" in this respect.

This was also my frustration with the rhetoric around voting. Now, I have voted in every election local, state, and federal sense I have been of age, in part because my grandparents frequently talked about what it took for them to get the right to vote. That said, I resent being told that I have to sit down folks who don't have my interests at heart, and beg that my interests be included in their platforms. Thats basically what those letters from the Dems and Republicans represent for me. Sure they are going to give serious consideration to all the issues of the Covenant. Roll Eyes

This is why even though I believe that the Honorable Minister Farrakhan was ultimately wrong, I understand the orientation. I wake up some days with a lack of hope and say, let it burn.