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Reply to "... Of Burning Houses & Pipe Dreams"


I have always liked your signature. It certainly is true.

Getting out of that 'prison' is proving to be the greatest bondage of our history.

I see our loss of who we are. the loss of our identity, as the final bondage of that peculiar institution.


I also hope we can rid ourselves of this perception that we are the savior of our oppressor, or the 'redemption of the nation'.

Because this rhetoric is embedded in our religions, it extraction is going to be very difficult. A kind of 'blindness' sets in that prevents rationale though.

Emotion reigns.


I think there were so many egos at work on that stage it was hard for clear idea to survive. While it wasn't exactly what happened, there was a seeming resistance to allowing 'The Covenant' to survive.

My conclusion stems from each speaker having to reach for their copy of the book in an effort to get themselves 'back on point', so to speak.

I also agree there are too many speakers on the panel. Clearly, it is an effort to cover the 'political spectrum'. No one gets offended.

In general:

My dissappointment is I missed any discussion about a political party, or whatever name, and if it occurred.

There was an awful lot of 'brain power' on that stage. Not broaching that clear need, says something is still lacking.


Jim Chester