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Reply to "... Of Burning Houses & Pipe Dreams"

Are they mutually exclusive?---Nmaginate

I'll start here.

Pursuing a covenant with ourselves is mutally exclusive to petitioning any political party, especially the Democrat and Republican Parties.

To seek the support of such political bodies is to repeat, to ask for, the failures and deceit of history.

As to our role:

I choose the 'firemen' approach. I don't like the 'burn' approach for several reasons. First becuause that approach leaves you with a ship. And we don't have the resources to build a new one.

Second, I/we are too heavily invested in the ship to simply 'burn' it.

We tried a 'burn baby burn' while trying to build something new.

I think we burned our own communities while adopting a new variant construction of 'color'.

It was a good thing to do...then.

It no longer serves us well.

We need to construct a better way. One that first of all leverages our political power as a people, and secondly raises, if not fully establishes our identity as a parity-value in our society.


Jim Chester