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Winners and Losers

(The below is a post that I made on my blog.)

A few days ago while chilling at the internet cafe, I had a conversation with one of the owners. We discussed the hearts of champions. To him, true champions remain with their teams through thick and thin, if possible. To me, true champions make the best decisions for themselves. The owner roots for the underdogs. I root for the overdogs. He asked me why; “why do I root for the overdogs?” I told him that I root for overdogs because underdogs are underdogs because they’re losers, and I don’t support losers. I only support winners. I gave Lebron James as an example. I told him that most people dislike Lebron James because he left Cleveland, but what Lebron did is what owners do all of the time. Owners have their coaches trade their players the minute their game starts deteriorating. I told him that Lebron could have went to Miami and did like he did and won a ring, or continue trying with Cleveland and possibly end up like Charles Barkley, a hall-of-fame player without rings. The owner said that if Lebron was a true champion that he would have stayed with Cleveland and pressed through it; that’s what true champions do. I and he were at odds with this, so I decided we’re going to have to agree to disagree.

The breakdown.

Many people have this loyalty to those that are only allies. People need to focus on serving their own interests. The main reason why the wealthy is wealthy is that they remain intensively aware of their interests, and they ensure serving them. Going back to the N.B.A., Lebron James could have remained in Cleveland, but why? He didn’t join the N.B.A to make friends; he joined to win. His teammates, while on the floor, are his allies, and so is everyone else in the organization. People got upset at Lebron remaining true to his interest, but honestly, the wealthy often are quite isolated while the downtrodden are surrounded with other downtrodden people because everyone loves you when you’re down (misery loves company), but no one loves when you get out of the barrel. You have to remove yourself from the herd (even at the risk of isolation) in order to achieve things. I often notice that broke people are broke not because of their finances, but because of their way of thinking; they invest too much interest into low yielding dealings, and remain struggling. The owner of the internet cafe is only making it by, so he’s an example of what I mean. Moreover, with Lebron, the only reason the owner (of the Cleveland Cavaliers) got so upset with Lebron is that Lebron made a chess move (tactlessly) and owners aren’t used to players being sharp anymore. Owners make moves like that all of the time, and it’s accepted because nobody expects owners to have this ridiculous loyalty to menial things; however, it’s expected of the less fortunate. N.B.A players have far less cash than N.B.A owners, and this applies to less fortunate people in general as well--to somehow be more “righteous” than the fortunate which in itself is ridiculous and is also why the less fortunate are less fortunate and also why, to me, their opinions are minuscule. In short, a broke person can’t tell me shit when they have nothing to show to back up their words. –Jason Williams (March 16, 2013)


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You are the company that you keep.

Smart people learn from their mistakes. Smarter people learn from others' mistakes. Stupid people don't learn from anyone's mistakes including their own.

You get what you deserve.

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